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this is my third ep and it's out now on 'clown park'! i'm very happy about that. visit their homepage:


released August 9, 2012



all rights reserved


see the train, it's yours Berlin, Germany

tyynyliina's new project.

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Track Name: around the neck
i see them everyday
they... i really don't wanna talk about them
today i was on a page i like
it's mostly nice and sometimes it inspires me
today i saw a man there
he looked female
he said: i like to break gender rules
he had long hair and wore a women's coat
i would have liked him, but he wore some kind of animal around his neck
it was a real animal, a stuffed one
first i thought it was a wolf, but it was too small
i think it was a marten
it looked really sad
i thought, this man should be shown at körperwelten when he's dead
and someone should steal him and wear him around the neck or as a rucksack on the back
i hate you stranger, i hate you!
Track Name: pirates for the sea
there are women
there are men
and something in between
humans who risk their lives
they save whales, seals, sharks
they are on their vessels for months
sometimes nothing ever happens
then they have to run into the enemy
throw butyric acid against the vessel
their ships look always different
they are pirates, pirates for the sea
Track Name: the dream machine
i'm looking into the dream machine
it's running so fast
i can't get my eyes focused
the patterns change
my mind's going so crazy
i don't have to do drugs
i could just look into the dream machine
whenever i want
it's like sitting in the train and watching the sun behind the trees
i close my eyes to not get blind
people chat or cry or remain silent
they are behind my eyelids
their dogs lie lazily on the floor
sometimes they raise an eyebrow when somebody passes
their owners are lazy, too
it's sad that they have owners
nobody should have owners, if not voluntarily
i'm sitting in front of the dream machine with my eyes closed
i refuse to open them
yes, i refuse
Track Name: there's no joker in this game
there are moments when everything seems like a joke
but nobody's laughing
and when i'm joking, i'm the only one with a smile on the face
sometimes the people laugh when i'm not even joking
usually i'm critizing something in particular
but nothing changes when i say, hey, this is not cool
because you have to be selfish to get on
i don't ask, but you tell me everything about yourself
there's not a single question about me or my stuff or whatever
it's about you and you don't care
i'm going home and i want to draw that joker to free my mind from all that shit you told me
but there's no joker in this game
i wish there was
i would definitely draw it
i would draw it and laugh into your face and then i would be sympathetic with you and your awful life
but there's no joker in this game
so i leave it behind, leave you behind
goodbye, goodbye,
sincerely yours,
the clown
Track Name: the mass
we went to that house
it was a shiny road
we went there a lot of times already
but for different reasons
and now we realize there are actually nice things around here
the people are the same, they won't change
they buy flats and they won't move out
and if they move out, others rent the flats and they are same as their owners
it's all about money, it's all about style
'we don't care, 'cause we're individuals who have no opion and no clue
we don't want to think, we want to buy mass products!'
i've heard some people think you have to eat fish, otherwise you're kind of an idiot or a psychiatric case
'we are those people, we are the new generation
we like consumption
we like mass production
we like advertisement
we are manipulated, but we are not aware, we don't want to be aware'